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Consider This When Looking for an Agent

When you’re looking for an insurance agent…it can be a jungle out there… The challenging economy and the soft insurance market have taken their toll, and consolidation continues to impact distribution, but the independent insurance agency system is alive and well.  While consolidation continues to reduce the number of independent agencies, insurance agents continue to […]

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Professional Liability Insurance

A professional working out of your home needs professional liability insurance. In-home businesses that make or sell food products or those that sell home-made personal care products might have to buy special policies. A business have basic choice depending on the nature of your business and the insurance company you buy it from.

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Gas Prices Spike Leads to Safer Driving

Yep, at least there is some good news that is coming out of the gas price hikes that are currently sweeping the country. People are in fact driving slower on the roads and they are obeying speed limits. This used to be a challenging area for law enforcement for drivers have been known to go […]

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Teen Drivers

Anything that is associated with a teenager is usually expensive like clothes, jewelries, allowances, gadgets and other stuffs. Providing your teenager with an auto insurance coverage is no different. There is a need to keep them safe while on the road especially with the rising incidence of drunk driving accidents. The life of your teenager […]

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